Airbrush QA

Why get an airbrush tattoo?

Temporary airbrush tattoo’s express your personality. TATs are beautiful, fun and TEMPORARY!

Are the air brush tattoo’s safe?

Our airbrush tattoo ink contains only FDA approved ingredients. They are safe and painless.

How long does a temporary airbrush tattoo take?

A temporary airbrush tattoo only takes a couple of minutes. Selecting a tattoo design takes more time than spraying the airbrush tattoo.

How long does a temporary airbrush tattoo last?e

A temporary air brush tattoo lasts up to one week depending on what part of the body it is applied to and how it is cared for. Conditions such as dryness and oily skin can affect longevity. How quickly your skin rejuvenates will also affect endurance.

What can I do to make the airbrush tattoo last longer?

Our premium airbrush tattoo’s are instant drying, water resistant. We will give you instructions detailing exactly how to care for it. In summary, do not rub it and avoid soaps/lotions.

Are there side effects to a temporary airbrush tattoo?

The airbrush tattoo ink we use meets FDA requirements. We have never seen anyone with a side effect to one of our tattoos.

Can we place the air brush tattoo anywhere?

In most instances we can accommodate your temporary airbrush tattoo request. Please remember that we are family oriented.

Does it hurt to get a Party air brush tattoo?

This is one of our most common questions. The answer is NO! An air brush tattoo may
tickle a little. If we apply the air brush tattoo with carbon dioxide, the tattoo will definitely be cool.

What is the best way to remove a temporary airbrush tattoo?

Apply rubbing alcohol will remove the air brush tattoo. Baby oil also helps.

Do you use Henna Products?

No. We do not use henna products because many individuals display adverse skin reactions to henna. The FDA does not recommend using Henna on the skin.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, Absolutely!

Can you prepare Custom temporary airbrush tattoo stencils for our event?

Yes we can if enough notice is giving before the event. Air brush tattoo stencils can be made using the logo/design of your choice.. Simple air brush tattoo designs look best.

What events do you do?

We offer our air brush tattoo services to many venues. They include:city events, marketing events, grand openings, nightclub promotions, pool parties, bat/bar mitzvahs, holiday parties, birthday parties, and weddings.  We service Sacramento, Davis, Elk Grove, Fairfield, Galt, Lodi, Stockton, Tracy, Rancho Cordova and most of central California.

How do I arrange an air brush tattoo party or event?

Contact us with the location and number of people expected to attend your party or event.  Let us know if this is a themed party or event. Please Book Us Early, because  our calendar fills quickly!

Do you recommend Airbrush Tattoos for a pool party?

Yes, deifinitely! Our air brush tattoo ink is alcohol based and will not wash off in the pool.